Conducting Intern Program

Fall 2016 Deadline: EXTENDED to Friday, Oct. 7, 2016


The purpose of the conducting intern program at Grace Church in Haddonfield is to provide student conductors an opportunity to rehearse and perform a choral work in a real-world context, and to receive helpful feedback on their skills. Interns will work with the Grace Choir, a 16-voice volunteer parish choir, under the supervision of Maximillian Esmus, the music director of Grace Church.

The conducting intern will be assigned a choral piece by the music director, and will rehearse the piece with the Grace Choir for four weeks, culminating in a performance during a Sunday service. The rehearsals and performance will be accompanied on piano and organ (as necessary) by the music director.

The intern’s “podium time” in rehearsal and performance will be video-recorded for analysis and feedback by the music director, the intern, and, where possible, the intern’s conducting teacher. After each rehearsal and the performance, the music director and the intern will briefly meet to discuss the intern’s work and to identify strategies for improvement and to share helpful tools for future use. These discussions will be geared toward making the internship experience relevant to the intern’s future professional goals (whether or not these goals include a career in church music).

In gratitude for the intern’s work, Grace Church will provide the intern an honorarium of $150 at the conclusion of their performance. Two internships will be offered in Fall 2016; the schedule available here.


Applicants must:

  • Have successfully completed at least one semester of conducting class at the university level.
  • Be a current university student with a major or minor in the field of music.
  • Be available to attend all four rehearsal dates (and, of course, the performance date), and have a reliable means of transportation to Grace Church in Haddonfield.
  • Submit an online application with accompanying materials (details below).


The application consists of an online application form, three documents sent via email, and a conducting video. The deadline for Fall 2016 is Friday, Oct. 7.

1.     Online application form. Click here to go to the form.

The following 4 items should be submitted to Maximillian Esmus at

2.     Statement of professional goals. The statement should be brief (no more than a couple of paragraphs), and should identify both your future plans in the field of music and what you wish to gain from the internship experience. This should be submitted via email attachment, in PDF or DOC format.

3.     Résumé. Your résumé should summarize your background using the standard résumé format. This should be submitted via email attachment, in PDF or DOC format.

4.     Transcript. Please provide an unofficial transcript or course history generated from your university's online portal; there is no need for an official transcript. The purpose is to demonstrate successful completion of one semester of conducting class. This should be submitted via email attachment, in PDF format.

5.    Video of you conducting choral music. The video need not be long, but should clearly show you conducting choral music in a live setting. Rehearsals and in-class settings are acceptable, as long as some portion of the video includes your conducting gesture. Videos of conducting to a recording or conducting non-choral music will not be considered. You may share the video with me via a link to an unlisted YouTube video (preferred) or via Dropbox or some other cloud-sharing platform.