At Grace Church, How Do I...?

...Follow Along With the Service

The services in our church follow the services documented in our red prayer book (Book of Common Prayer). Copies of this book are available in every pew. Generally each service has a pre-printed Service Bulletin, available at the Usher's Station, that outlines the order of the service and references pages in the red prayer book. If a hymn is referenced (by a number) it will be in either the Blue HYMNAL or the red and black LEVAS (Lift Every Voice and Sing). Both of these books are available in every pew.

Personal Hearing Assistance Units are available at the Ushers' Station. These units fit into the ear and can be used with a hearing aid. (They will not work outside the church building.)      

... Become a Member

You do not need to be a member to attend Grace Church, but once you have decided to join us, please contact the office or clergy to learn about becoming a member. A "Letter of Transfer" is the form used for current Episcopalians. If you are not already an Episcopalian, the clergy will discuss how to become a member. You may request immediately to be placed on the membership rolls and mailing list. If you are interested in pledging (providing financial support) to the Church, request a pledge card from the office. Newcomers are invited to attend any and all activities as they wish.

...Get Baptized

Anyone may be baptized at Grace Church. Please contact the parish office. Baptisms are held regularly at Grace Church. We frequently hold them as often as once a month. We ask that you schedule a time with the clergy, meet with them the day before for instruction and provide us with an information form.

...Get Confirmed

Confirmation classes meet the Third Thursday of every month from 4 pm to 7pm in the Parish Hall. Confirmation at Grace Church consists of a two year cycle of study,running from September to June. All children in at least the sixth grade who are interested in being confirmed may start classes in September. Older teens and adults can join the Inquirer’s Class that meets in the Parish Hall during regular Sunday School from September to early November.

...Get Married

Please contact the office and the clergy. Fees are involved. No wedding date is confirmed until the clergy are informed and the fees paid. Couples must arrange for premarital counseling, (4 sessions) with a clergy person. Information forms and additional information on weddings at Grace Church will be provided upon request.

...Hold a Funeral or Memorial Service

Anyone may be buried from Grace Church. Please contact the office and clergy immediately. Arrangements may be made to hold the service at the Church or in a Funeral Home. The clergy will consult with the family to design an appropriate service. We also inter ashes in our Memorial Garden at the Church. Please contact the office if you are interested in this option.

...Rent Space

A variety of spaces are available for rental.  Click here to learn more.

Don't see what you are looking for here?  Stop by, send us an email or give us a call.