What difference does a penny make?  By itself, a little penny doesn’t go very far.  If we come together, a penny or a person, we begin to make a real difference in the world.

Each Month, Grace Church:

  • Gives out 220 bags of groceries to the hungry in Camden.  Annually, that’s 2640 bags of groceries.  At $10/bag that’s 2,640,000 pennies worth of food given away to over 8,000 people!

  • Operates a free medical clinic in Camden where we give away food, clothing, and conduct medical screenings.  500 people visit annually!  If an average co-pay of $15 per visitor applies, that’s 750,000 pennies of care and compassion given away!

Each Year, Grace Church:

  • Contributes to fund a social worker to meet the needs of people requiring help.  Our average annual donation of 600,000 pennies assists people with housing, food, and other services in Camden County.

  • Provides an average donation of 400,000 pennies to Camp Faith, an inner city summer program to help keep children off the streets in a safe, secure environment. We make a difference in children’s lives!

 We take one penny and combine it with others, and others, and more … until we reach out beyond ourselves and especially into Camden, New Jersey, one of the poorest cities in the nation.  We are living out our faith by helping others.

Help us to gather every penny we can during May.  Share this story with your friends so that we may show the power of a penny.  As one person, Jesus changed the world.  With the start of one penny, we too can change the world. 

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