Who are we?  We are Clergy, Children, Seniors, Families, Singles and everyone in between.  

We strive to be an open, welcoming community. In the pew and at the alter, we invite you to be a part of our faith journey. No matter where you are, we will meet you there.


Meet our Staff


Venerable Reverend Carmen Viola, Arch Deacon

email: dac.viola@gmail.com

phone: 856.429.0007


Reverend James Gowland, Deacon


phone: 856.429.0007


Tom Westerfield, Senior Warden

email: SrWarden@gracehaddon.org

phone: 856.429.0007

D Caruso.jpg

Diane Caruso, Director of Music & Organist

email: music@gracehaddon.org

phone: 856-429-0007 ext 1


Betsy Murphy, Director of Christian Formation

email: gracehaddonchurchschool@gmail.com

phone: 856.433.2151


Betsy Murphy, Parish Administrator

email: office@gracehaddon.org

phone: 856.429.0007


  • Treasurer:  Bill Sweeney

    • Assistant Treasurers:   Jim Perrin, Al Schmidt

    • Financial Secretaries:   Lorraine Winyard

    • Bookkeeper:  Darlene Haines

  • Wardens:

    • Senior Warden:  Tom Westerfield

    • Junior Warden: Phil McAuley

  • Vestry

    • Nora Bollinger - Parish Life

    • Bethanne Flagg - Outreach

    • Portia Fudala - Youth Group

    • Sutton Hamilton - Worship

    • Jay Kauffman - Parish Life

    • Michael Luther - Property

    • Karen Murdock - Worship

    • Elizabeth Perdichizzi - Parish Life

    • J.P. Russell - Fundraising

    • Chris Strasser - Stewardship

    • Ed Strom - Stewardship

    • Amy Watts - Education