St. Paul's Food Basket is the largest outreach program operated by Grace Church.We have just completed our 31st year. It involves approximately 25 parishioners (and a number of other dedicated volunteers) each month. We give out 100 bags or more of food to needy folks at St. Paul’s Church in Camden every third and fourth Friday morning of each month, year round. During 2015, we handed out 2,682 bags of food. We were able to help a total of 8,055 people in need.  

A bag of food contains several meals consisting of vegetables, fruit, protein and bread. While we use St. Paul's Church at 422 Market St in Camden as our distribution center, our efforts are non-denominational. The number of bags increases up to 150 for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Our parish also collects turkeys for distribution during these holidays.

We have many opportunities for volunteer help. These include:

  • Picking up food at the Food Bank in Pennsauken
  • Helping shop for food at Aldi
  • Bagging food on Tuesday mornings
  • Bread pick-up on Wednesdays at noon from Touch NJ
  • Handing out the food bags on Friday mornings

We try to limit each volunteer to only a few hours each month and only when they are available. We always need volunteers.

Click on this line to view the Volunteers Schedule.

If you would like to help this great program, please call:

We need everyone's financial support since we have to buy much of the food we give away. It takes about 1000 cans of vegetables and other food items each week to fill the bags. A check to Grace Church directed to the St. Paul's Food Basket is always most appreciated. If you would rather donate online, you can do so by clicking here.

Canned Vegetables and Fruit - We are having a difficult time getting the following items from the food bank. Therefore, we are asking all our parishioners to help out by bringing a few items to Church each week. There is a box for this purpose in the parish house and in the Church.

  • Boxes of Cereal and Pasta
  • Canned Vegetable and Fruit

Thanks for any help you can provide.